Book Version History

A summary of the significant additions in each major version of this book.

Version 4.0 (released in June 2022)

  • Compound Text Search Criteria example chapter
  • Facets And Counts Text Search example chapter
  • Create Atlas Search Index appendix

Version 3.0 (released in October 2021)

  • Advanced Use Of Expressions For Array Processing guide chapter
  • Summarising Arrays For First, Last, Min, Max & Average example chapter
  • Pivot Array Items By A Key example chapter
  • Array Sorting & Percentiles example chapter

Version 2.0 (released in July 2021)

  • Sharding Considerations guide chapter
  • Distinct List Of Values example chapter
  • IoT Power Consumption example chapter
  • Stages Cheatsheet appendices
  • Book Version History appendix

Version 1.0 (released in May 2021)

  • Introducing MongoDB Aggregations chapter
  • History Of MongoDB Aggregations chapter
  • Getting Started chapter
  • Getting Help chapter
  • Embrace Composability For Increased Productivity guide chapter
  • Better Alternatives To A Project Stage guide chapter
  • Using Explain Plans guide chapter
  • Pipeline Performance Considerations guide chapter
  • Expressions Explained guide chapter
  • Filtered Top Subset example chapter
  • Group & Total example chapter
  • Unpack Arrays & Group Differently example chapter
  • One-to-One Join example chapter
  • Multi-Field Join & One-to-Many example chapter
  • Strongly-Typed Conversion example chapter
  • Convert Incomplete Date Strings example chapter
  • Faceted Classification example chapter
  • Largest Graph Network example chapter
  • Incremental Analytics example chapter
  • Restricted View example chapter
  • Mask Sensitive Fields example chapter