Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers, architects, data analysts, data engineers and data scientists who have some familiarity with MongoDB and have already acquired a small amount of rudimentary experience using the MongoDB Aggregation Framework. If you do not yet have this entry level knowledge, don't worry because there are plenty of getting started guides out there. If you've never used the Aggregation Framework before, you should start with one or more of the following resources before using this book:

This book is not for complete novices, explaining how you should get started on your first MongoDB aggregation pipeline. Neither is this book a comprehensive programming language guide detailing every nuance of the Aggregation Framework and its syntax. This book intends to assist you with two key aspects:

  1. Providing a set of opinionated yet easy to digest principles and approaches for increasing your effectiveness in using the Aggregation Framework
  2. Providing a set of examples for building aggregation pipelines to solve various types of data manipulation and analysis challenges